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A Powerful of the Progressive Jackpot on SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

A Powerful of the Progressive Jackpot on SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

What is the Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is the greatest prize value in the casino games. For the slot, it is called random jackpot. Yes, the jackpot is a super big prize in the casino game. But the progressive jackpot is an extra jackpot of the casino games, that allows triggering.

Normally, the jackpot on casino game is the winning odds of the multiplier. However, the triggered progressive jackpot is given the cash prize. It is feeling glad to win the cash prize rather than receive the multiplier odds.

Where the progressive jackpot prize comes from? The progressive jackpot is a prize pool that generates percentage of the bets from the gamblers on the certain casino games. The house is not a silly businessman, they won’t take the own financial to invest into the prize pool. So, the only thing is to use the bet placed by the gamblers to increase the progressive jackpot prize pool.

SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

The SCR888 Casino is the hottest online gambling site in the town. They are over millions of the online gamblers enjoyable with the casino games. Their main casino game is the Online Slot Games. Within their gambling site, they have over hundred choices of the online casino games. And more than 70% is the slot game.

The SCR888 casino is popular not just the interesting casino games. Is because most of their slot games are inserted the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is more attractive than the normal jackpot. As many people understand the normal jackpot will not be won easily. So, the people more prefer to trigger the progressive jackpot. It can be said, most of the slot games of SCR888 casino has the progressive jackpot.

Under the SCR888 casino, that is some slot games are highly popular. Like the Great Blue slot, Bonus Bear slot, Safari Heat slot and so on. Those popular slots are inserted the progressive jackpot feature as well. It always triggered around 4,000 to 6,000 cash prizes by the SCR888 casino gamblers. It is high!

The Unique Types of the Progressive Jackpot

Actually, that is many types of the random jackpot on the slot game. Like the Stand-Alone jackpot, In-House jackpot, and even Wide-Area jackpot. Each type of the jackpots are considering the different prize pool generating the pattern, but the to win the prizes are the same.

The Stand-Alone jackpot is generating the prize pool by a single slot machine. It doesn’t do linking between others slot machine. So, the prize pool of the casino game is low and even prize pool’s collection is slow.

Next, the In-House jackpot is better than the Stand-Alone did. This jackpot is generating the prize pool within the casino. It means the prizes are collecting with the same game in a casino. It doesn’t collect with the different games, which makes it has a unique random jackpot prize.

The Wide-Area jackpot is the greatest random jackpot. It has a super great value of the prize pool. As the Wide-Area jackpot is generating the prize pool between few casinos together. So, it able to collect the prize pool rapidly. Yet, the Wide-Area jackpot merely appears in the large size of the land-based casino. And the prize may go to million dollars.

The Progressive Jackpot in SCR888 Online Casino – In-House Random Jackpot

The SCR888 casino is using the In-House jackpot. As the SCR888 is an online casino. It doesn’t build linking with others online casino, so only able to generate by their own. But the SCR888 casino able to collect the prize till thousand dollars within a short period. The reason why SCR888 casino can collect rapidly is that of the million gamblers play their slot games.

Besides, the prizes of SCR888 casino is generating within a game. But not the Game A and Game B. Each of the slot games has its own unique progressive jackpot. It is to make fairness to every member.

How to Win the Progressive Jackpot on SCR888 Online Casino

Although the random jackpot is triggered randomly after a conclusion of any games. But it able to trigger with the strategy.

It is an investment, the more effort the more you get. In order to win a random jackpot on SCR888 casino, the first player needs to wait the prize pool increased to 2,000 dollars. Then now the player can apply the strategy into the game. This strategy is to increase the bet to the maximum for each spin. The higher total bet, the higher chance of winning the random. Only the value investor can outcome with a good result.

Nevertheless, remember that is not just a player, you, try to trigger the random jackpot. By the time, you just need the luck to become the winner of the random jackpot.


The progressive jackpot is the greatest winning prize among all of the casino game. That’s the reason why the people more prefer to play the slot game. Others than slot game, some of the table game like Blackjack has the progressive jackpot to win as well. But this strategy able to apply on the Slot Game only. Good luck for you.

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