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Playboy888 Casino | Play8oy Slot | Download Andoird iOS

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Play8oy Online Casino

Playboy (Play8oy) is an online casino game software. The Playboy Casino is launched in the Asian countries, which including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and China. Nowadays, the Playboy casino is famous online casino software in the Malaysia of the slot game market, that bring the non-stop online gaming and enjoyment entertainment to the hundreds of thousands online casino players. By playing the Playboy slot game online, you can easy get more than the slot machine internet café with better odds. The games in the Playboy casino, you are able to found in the slot machine internet café and there is the most famous one and highly popularity.

Games of the Playboy Online Casino

In the Playboy casino it only offers the video games which including the video slot game, single and multiplayer video games. All of the games including in Playboy are play with the real money. There is not everyone will like to play with the video slot games, in the Malaysia, most of the people are more prefer to the video game with single or multiplayer. It is more interesting and stimulate than the video slot game. The Playboy casino has not provided much video game but they providing the unique video game to the player and gain their attention from the games.

The video slot game provide in the Playboy Casino is only few of the choices, but the video slot game in the software is high popularity games in the online slot casino firm. There are Highway King JP, Robin Hood, Alice, God of Wealth, Three Kingdoms, Seasons Greeting, Fong Shen, Dolphin, Pirate, African Wildlife, Aladdin, Amazon Jungle, Laura and The Magician Plus. The games above some of them are powered by the Playtech and some are Real Time Gaming. Both of the suppliers are the top online gaming producer, and most of the games are given high reputation from the players.

Besides, the others video provide in the Playboy casino is not really much, but it is enough for you to play with their games. They separated into two which is single player and multiplayer game. In the single player game, including Funky Monkey, Monkey Story Plus, Super Roulette and Animal Band (coming soon). In the single player game, that’s not a timer to the game start so you are able to place bet with slow and steady.

Next, the multiplayer video game is to play with others player that not face to face, it is play through online. Same with the slot machine internet café, but the slot café will meet the other players while playing. When playing the multiplayer, it will give a timer to place bet, most of them are setting about 30 seconds with standard. The games including with multiplayer games are Super Speed, Funky Monkey, Ocean King II, Monkey Story Plus, Monkey Story, Super Roulette, Animal Band, Super Sic Bo and Crazy Shark.

There is very famous video game in the Playboy casino, which is Ocean King II. In the Ocean King II, is to kill the ocean animal with the weapon to get the prize. You are able to limit the bullet cost to kill, higher cost the higher payout as simply. Each of the fishes have the different prize, the Ocean King is a dragon in gold colour. It is an interesting shooting game that you can play with others.


In the Playboy Casino, that’s not much games provided but all the games in their software are interesting and you won’t feel bored while continuous playing with the same games.

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