Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BIG Casino WELCOME BONUS | Online Casino Free Credit | Clubsuncity Online Download

Welcome-Bonus online casino free credit casino tips and tricks big win bonus

One of the most obvious benefits of betting in an online casino would be the casino bonus that you may get for all your deposits. These extra leverage on your wager will greatly enhance and increase the winning odds for all online casino players. Wild symbol and scatter symbol in the slot game will help casino players to win big. Deposit bonus on the other hand will help casino players to win bigger. Land casino players that have been betting in the land casino are indeed missing out on some of the advantage that online casino players are enjoying.

The deposit bonus is also very useful for beginners to try out online casino betting for the first time. It has been reported that one of the most attractive casino bonus that is well received among online casino fans is the Welcome Bonus from Bigchoysun.com. The Welcome Bonus will reward casino players with extra RM50 free credit for every RM30 deposit. Don't miss out on this big promotion. Visit www.bigchoysun2.com to sign up your player ID and claim your Welcome Bonus today.

Bigchoysun is the authorize online casino in Malaysia to bring you big brand name in the online casino market such as Clubsuncity, Lucky Palace, 12Win, SCR888, Crown, Rollex, IBCBET, SBOBET and GVBET. Visit Bigchoysun today to play famous slot game such as Highway Kings, Great Blue, Animal Band and Crazy Monkey.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Let's Ride with the Highway Kings Pro | Online Slot Games Malaysia

Clubsuncity Slot Highway Kings Pro

What is Highway Kings Pro?

Highway Kings Pro is the latest online slot games in Malaysia, developed by Playtech, which is in turn the largest online casino games supplier in the world. Playtech has set its international footprints across quite a number of countries, for which Malaysia is one of its target markets. The older version - Highway Kings, has already made its notable reputation in the Malaysian online casino market, which also builds a robust pathway for Highway Kings Pro to be easily accepted by the local casino players. Furthermore, the upgraded game features and visual effects in the Pro version is considered one of the best amongst other similar online slot games in Malaysia. 

Can I Play Highway Kings Pro in Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia?

I'm sorry to tell you that Highway Kings Pro is not available in Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia. Nevertheless, you can find this slot game in other online betting product such as 12Win Casino Malaysia from the approved game operator in Malaysia, i.e. BigChoySun. 12Win Casino has both Desktop version and Mobile version, which makes it even easier for online casino players to play regardless of their whereabouts. This would be great news to Clubsuncity Casino players given that there is only limited number of slot games available for betting. Some of the players might have already got bored with Clubsuncity Casino games. If you were one of them, you may consider switching to 12Win Casino to try a totally different online gaming experience. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Most Popular Multiplayer Online Slot Game in Malaysia: Wukong | Monkey Story Plus | Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia

Clubsuncity Casino Sun Wukong Online Slot Game

Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia might have only limited choices of game, but each of these games are excellent in quality, and are highly popular in the local slot game betting market. In the past decades, casino players would usually go to illegal gambling dens to bet for arcade-type multiplayer slot games, such as Wukong (also known as Monkey Story Plus). People like it simply because of the exciting atmosphere when a bunch of people surrounding the betting machine and play together. Nevertheless, time has changed. Nowadays, many of the casino players has slowly switched to online betting platform, such as BigChoySun which also offers similar online slot games as what they used to play in an illegal gambling den. 

In 2015, the Taiwanese online casino gaming developer - IGS, has launched its own online betting product that includes some of the popular arcade-type multiplayer slot games in Malaysia. Wukong is one of the famous slot games being offered by Clubsuncity Casino. By incorporating the legendary character in "Journey to the West" - Sun Wukong, casino players get to enjoy a higher level of visual effect while betting on the game. Typically, approximately 2,000 - 3,000 pieces of graphic will be used to make up such as multiplayer betting machine. Nonetheless, there are more than 5,000 pieces of refined graphics being used to design Wukong. What does this tell us? Wukong has one of the best game graphics in the international online betting industry. This is one of the reasons why Wukong is so easily accepted by the local casino players. 

With the official launch of Clubsuncity Casino, casino players can now bet Wukong online regardless of their whereabouts. Mobile casino slot games are marked as the next future of online casino industry in Malaysia. Therefore, Clubsuncity Casino is viewed to have the capability to capture a large chunk of the mobile casino market share given that its slot games are available on both IOS and Android mobile devices. 

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Monday, April 18, 2016

How to download and play Clubsuncity Online Casino? | Clubsuncity Casino Tips | Free Credit

download and play Clubsuncity Online Casino

If you are familiar with Online Casino, you would agree that Clubsuncity do offer slot games with the best graphic and exciting gamplay compare to the online casino. In Malaysia, most of the casino fans are well familiar with 12Win, SCR888 and also Lucky Palace. These casino has a wide variety of slot games and live casino games for the casino players to choose from. However, most of the games have their similarities. Even the new slot games are just different in terms of the graphics.

This will not be the case for slot games in Clubsuncity. Each and every games in Clubsuncity are uniquely designed to provide the best gaming experience for casino players. You may find the graphics in Clubsuncity Slot to be incomparable to other casinos. In term of gameplay, games in Clubsuncity come up top as well. A wide variety of games such as Super Sic Bo, Animal Band, Amazon Jungle, Gogo Bingo, Casino Hold'em, Crazy Monkey and more are sure to provide great entertainment to all casino players with different taste.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WIN BIG with African Wildlife slot | Clubsuncity | Online Casino Malaysia

Looking for a good looking online slot game with interesting and interactive graphics? Slot now with African Wildlife online slot game by Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia. Win various bonus such as free spin, free slot, free game, free bonus and even the big jackpot.

African Wildlife slot

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Super Sicbo online slot 2016 | Clubsuncity | Online Casino Malaysia

Looking for interesting yet easy to win online casino game to win cash over the weekend? Try your luck at the Super SICBO by Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia. Picking up the game is easy and even beginners found it easy to win on their 1st try.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Win Big with Tarzan II Plus online slot | Online Casino Malaysia | Clubsuncity

Tarzan II Plus online slot game provide another easy way for online casino players to slot and win big at their own convenience. The Tarzan II Plus slot game has a similar style of gameplay compare to the common slot game. However, the graphic layout and slotting rules is slightly different. If you are still searching for something different, lets give Tarzan II Plus a try at Clubsuncity Casino.

tarzan II plus clubsuncity online slot game malaysia 2016

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Animal Band online casino game | Online Casino Malaysia | Clubsuncity

Ever heard of the wildly famous Animal Band slot game from Clubsuncity Online Casino? Watch this video to find out more about Animal Band slot game rules, bet placing and game preview. Join Clubsuncity Casino to play the rewarding game now.

animal band clubsuncity online slot game malaysia 2016

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Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia | Free Online Slot Game: April 2016

Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia | Free Online Slot Game